Kate Golder: Part planner, part counsellor

“The most important lesson for me is to control the things you can, and not let the things you can’t control stress you," says the Alteris adviser and partner. She admits, however, that it's often easier said than done.

Hooked on investing as a teen: Kellie Davidson

After her father got her interested in the stock market, Kellie Davidson started gravitating towards investing before deciding to "make a difference" in financial planning. As one of the nation's leading advisers, she's keen to pay it forward with pro-bono and charitable work.

Clitheroe flags advice gap

Consumer finance expert Paul Clitheroe, FPA chair Marisa Broome and CHOICE CEO Alan Kirkland highlighted the importance of financial planning and lamented cost burdens that kept ordinary Australians out of the advice system.

Court slaps $50M fine on MLC trustee

In ASIC's largest ever civil action, MLC Nominees and Nulis Nominees have been lumped with a combined $57.5 million worth of penalties after they duped hundreds of thousands of superannuation members into paying for advice that wasn't provided.